Biodiversity conservation has always been my primary interest and my research focuses on: 1) exploiting charismatic mega-vertebrate species to garner support for biodiversity conservation efforts and 2) evaluating the effectiveness of conservation policy for highly mobile vertebrates. In so doing, I have secured significant funding (€600,000) to develop novel new technologies (which were patented) and experimental techniques to study the cryptic lives of migratory marine organisms. 

My daily work involves the management and leadership of projects I conceived (involving collaborators from very diverse backgrounds e.g. scientists, engineers, NGOs, government agencies) to help inform conservation efforts. Communication of conservation issues is also very important to me and a key part of my job. For example, I regularly engage with the media/TV film crews about my work which has proven to be of significant popular interest. 

Throughout my career, I have gained a range of experience leading fieldwork projects in the Congo, Gabon, Cape Verde and the Caribbean. I have also spent extended periods working with: 1) conservation NGOs helping to study, monitor and protect various wildlife populations (e.g in Greece, Madagascar and Aldabra) and 2) the eco-tourism sector as a boat based wildlife guide. I have also carried out a number of cetacean and seabird surveys including a month long survey as team leader on a CEFAS research cruise in the North Atlantic and worked as a wildlife officer on ferries and cruise ships.


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